Press Release

Vesicular Disease Awareness Bulletins Released

Ottawa, ON [March 3, 2011] – The pork industry in Canada is now receiving new Swine Health Awareness Bulletins. As part of its mandate, the Canadian Swine Health Board is introducing the series to provide timely, valuable information aimed at continually improving and keeping biosecurity, disease risk management strategies and surveillance top of mind.

The first of the series deals with vesicular diseases. Several vesicular disease viruses in hogs cause visually indistinguishable symptoms. The vesicles and blisters caused by these viruses could be a sign of Foot-and-Mouth Disease, a cause for great concern to all stakeholders in the swine and pork value chain in Canada.

“Keeping the industry informed of emerging or potential health threats, how to minimize their risk and how to respond to suspicious observations is critical to the health and viability of our industry,” says Florian Possberg, Chair of the Canadian Swine Health Board. “It only takes one suspicious incident to shut down a plant or possibly even the border.”

The one-page bulletins include a brief description of the health threat, its symptoms, required actions, public health and safety notes, preventative recommendations and photographs illustrating what to look for. They are being distributed to all pork producers, swine vets and other relevant industry stakeholders. A copy is also available on the CSHB website (

The CSHB was formed to proactively address swine health challenges through leadership, coordination and support in the management of the health of the Canadian swine herd. Its members include the Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians, the Canadian Association of Veterinary Colleges, the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement, the Canadian Meat Council and the Canadian Pork Council. CSHB funding has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, as part of the initiative for the Control of Disease in the Hog Industry.


For more information, contact:
Robert Harding, Executive Director
Canadian Swine Health Board
613.230.4445 ext 267