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Canadian Swine Health Board Congratulates Incoming CPC President

Ottawa, ON [January 24, 2012] – The Canadian Swine Health Board (CSHB) congratulates Jean-Guy Vincent on his election last week as President of the Canadian Pork Council. Mr. Vincent, a Québec producer, is very familiar with the activities of the Canadian Swine Health Board, as he also serves as CSHB’s 2nd Vice-Chair. The Canadian Pork Council is a founding member organization of the CSHB, representing Canadian hog producers. 

“Both organizations have always worked closely together, and with Jean-Guy as President, we are sure this close collaboration will continue to benefit the Canadian industry,” said Florian Possberg, Chair of the Canadian Swine Health Board. “CSHB’s initiatives have been developed with the goals of reducing production costs and supporting market access for Canadian pigs and pork, recognizing that swine health is critical to the ongoing competitiveness of the industry.”

CPC’s 1st Vice President is also very familiar with the CSHB. Elected to that position was Rick Bergmann, a Manitoba producer who also is a member of CSHB’s Biosecurity Advisory Committee. Rounding out the new slate of Canadian Pork Council officers is CSHB Chair, Florian Possberg, a producer from Saskatchewan who was elected as the 2nd Vice-President of the Canadian Pork Council.

The CSHB was formed to proactively address swine health challenges through leadership, coordination and support in the management of the health of the Canadian swine herd. Its members include the Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians, the Canadian Association of Veterinary Colleges, the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement, the Canadian Meat Council and the Canadian Pork Council. CSHB funding has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, as part of the initiative for the Control of Disease in the Hog Industry.

For more information, contact:

Robert Harding
Executive Director
Canadian Swine Health Board
613.230.4445 Ext. 267