Press Release

Swine disease surveillance


January 11, 2011: Canada is enhancing the way it monitors the national swine herd for federally reportable swine diseases.

Historically, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has conducted periodic, large-scale surveys for porcine brucellosis, trichinellosis and pseudorabies (Aujeszky’s disease). Under the enhanced surveillance system, samples will be regularly collected and tested.

The CFIA will begin collecting blood samples from mature animals at Canadian slaughter
facilities this month. This process will not disrupt regular animal marketing activities. Additional sample collection points may be identified as the surveillance system is further developed and implemented.

The enhanced surveillance system will allow Canada to confidently demonstrate freedom from porcine brucellosis, trichinellosis and pseudorabies. This initiative is a partnership between the CFIA, the swine industry and provincial and territorial authorities.

Surveillance for these three diseases is critical for maintaining market access for our top-quality swine, swine semen and pork products. The surveillance system will also play a role in protecting human health, as brucellosis and trichinellosis can be transmitted to people.

The swine industry fully supports this initiative. The Canadian Pork Council, the Canadian
Swine Health Board and Canadian Pork International have been actively involved in the
development of the surveillance system.

For more information on swine disease surveillance and porcine brucellosis, trichinellosis and pseudorabies
• call the CFIA at 1-800-442-2342 or visit
• call the Canadian Pork Council at 613-236-9239, ext. 277, or visit