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Mortality insurance for swine reaches milestone


Ottawa, ON [August 11, 2011] – Pork producers in Canada are one step closer to having access to an all risk mortality insurance product for their livestock. The Canadian Swine Health Board (CSHB) has successfully completed the development of a viable insurance product for the swine industry. Started by the Ontario Livestock and Poultry Council on behalf of the Manitoba Pork Council, Ontario Pork and the Fédération des producteurs de porcs du Québec, this significant milestone demonstrates production insurance can work for the swine sector.

“This is a significant innovation for the pork industry,” says Florian Possberg, chair of the CSHB.  “The collaborating partners in this project came to the CSHB in early 2010 saying they had identified strong interest by both producers and insurance companies in such a product but risk assessment and actuarial work was required. We funded those critical components, the actuarial work is now in the hands of insurance companies, first premium estimates are affordable and now we collectively need to figure out how to deliver the program.”

Manitoba Pork is now spearheading the initiative and has received direction to explore a delivery mechanism and product offering cost-shared with federal and provincial agreements modeled after crop insurance. The long term objective is a program available nationally. Manitoba is the natural location to take it to the next step as their provincial government announced in their throne speech last November that they wanted to develop insurance programs for their livestock industry.

“Confidentiality agreements have been signed by the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation and work is proceeding on a number of fronts to be more definitive about what type of coverage can be offered,” says Andrew Dickson, General Manager with the Manitoba Pork Council. “Once we have the details around that, we will proceed with developing a plan to make it available to producers.”

The CSHB was formed to proactively address swine health challenges through leadership, coordination and support in the management of the health of the Canadian swine herd. Its members include the Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians, Canadian Association of Veterinary Colleges, Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement, Canadian Meat Council and the Canadian Pork Council.

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Robert Harding
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Canadian Swine Health Board
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